The Ultimate Greasy Smokey Eye

A little pot of MAC Liquid Fluid Line in black is THE product for this look. And the tools to create it are simply; your finger and your eyeliner. My fave eyeliner for this being Barry M Black Kohl Pencil (and it's only 3 quid)

Step 1- Using your finger. Smudge the liquid gel around your eye, just up to the crease.. be ambitious if u like but god please don't get anywhere near the brow.

Step 2- DUNK your eyeliner... into the MAC gak, eyeliner just isn't black enough without a dunk, you will become addicted. Pencil around your eye as close to the lashes as possible, pencil inside your lid above and below, and flick out your corners.

This works nice with any other colour eyeshadow also, just dip your eyeliner in the gak, and frame your eye with a bit of shiney blackness.