- Urban Warrior (vomit), dread locks and baggy trousers. They've been gone for a while, but we have seen the dreaded dreads popping back up on the streets of London. Ethnic style sequins on hair, crazy braids, beach braids grossssss...

- Chemical Haircuts too much bleach in 2009 (its been worth it)

- Sloney Hair Parting Shift (this year it will be a lot closer to the middle, almost a centre parting) and black panda eyes, more black, and a bit more black. 90s off nude lipsticks like all the fit girls did at school, the lips you make using concealer and lip gloss.

- Glitter and Face Decorations at parties, this has been going for a while since Smash n Grab, but it's really going to reach climax in 2010  look here .
This however should only be done by teens and very early twenteens (at the oldest!!)

- Beauty is a Religion's #1 prediction - We also think that some people are gonna get pissed off with vampires (over-saturated media) and the western world is going to be divided into two strong beauty camps (a bit like in The Time Machine)

There will be:
The Vampires
-----> Pale skin powdered up, dark eyes red lips, no concealer under the eyes letting them bags show through, limp disheveled hair.


The Bronzed Skin Sun Worshiping Lovelies 
-----> Lots of bronzer and Fake Bake, with blow dryed thick healthy looking extensions hair.