It's probably a reaction to the (cough, sorry to talk about it) credit munch, but roots are everywhere. It's 2009's version of the war time womens drawn-on tight seam.
I'm not talking just a 6 week re-growth. A lot of girls are doting a nice 5/6 months regrowth on their blonde highlights and leaving their ends rattier.

Thankfully this looks super cool and its also been sported by some top faces and being featured in magazines.
In fact I have been dying peoples roots IN! for both shoots and for normal clients because their own roots aren't dark enough ,which is the first time this has happened.
So fuck getting your painful, torturous bleach done, why not let them grow out and save some money for some shoes (pub).

photo: BELLA HOWARD (http://bybellazine.blogspot.com/) best photographer that's ever lived ever

UPDATE - Super-cool fashion designer Louise Gray is now donning blue glitter roots on her signature red barnet!!! This look is gunna be HUGE!! ---->

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