A man knows he is a real man when he can grow a beard. I remember being 16 at school and my friend Kieran growing a beard because he thought it made him look like he had lost his virginity.
Men with their facial hair has its phases and now, at a time when girls are doing less and less with the hair on their heads, boys are (if they're lucky enough to have some) doing more and more with the hair on their faces. Whether they can only muster a caterpillar-like mustache, a full-blown trucker beard or even just an impressive 4 day stubble growth. Those who can; are and those who can't; are looking on green with TENVY!

ten.vy [ten-vee] Show IPA, plural- vies, verb, -vied, -vy . ing

– noun

 1.       abbr: tash-envy. a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's mustache advantages,  facial hair-growth success, possessions of beards, etc