picture - BELLA HOWARD

OK so what's a boy to do to rebel? Be in a band and not have a conventional job? SNORE. Have tattoo's? SNORE. Have a weird haircut? SNORE. Be a drugged up mess? DOUBLE SNORE.
There is no rebellion left. Perhaps a better rebellion for a cool London boy would be to get a job and a flat.
So there's this trend that we are finding amongst young London lads? They're all wearing one particular cologne and it's sweeping the city by storm. What is it? Well... it's a mixture of sweat and testosterone full pheromones, basically; B.O!
Taking a lesson from punks and homeless vagabonds, these boys who have money and access to a shower are purposefully not washing anymore as a last chance rebellion, shock and a huge trend!
The poor artists of yesteryear were embarrassed by their dirty clothes, shambolic attire and gross smell and it is now the case that if you look clean and if your clothes are ironed, you are most definitely not cool in most circles.
Once you would have been repulsed by the strong stench of boy's body odor, it is now odd to be in a club and smell a cologne, almost laughable and defo not sexy. Wonder who will bottle it first?