Little Voice BIG Hair - Vickers: GET THE LOOK

step 1
Brush MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) in Family Silver all over the eye lid, use the lighter side on the inside corners and the darker side for the outer corners. Continue under the eye with a smaller brush for extra smokey-ness.
step 2
Line the eye with Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner with a small brush and blend into the shadow with a soft brush. Bring the gel line under the eye on the inside of the bottom lid.. MIND YOUR EYE!
step 3
Brush over the line and blend upwards with MAC Eyeshadow in Smut and repeat step 2.
step 4
Brush over the line just on the outer corners with MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon and repeat step 2 AGAIN.
You can carry this on for as long as you desire, the smokier the better!
step 5
Apply 5 layers of MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara, or 6 or 7, again, the more the better, depends how much time you have.

I just used a light dust of Nars Bronzer Powder in Laguna to contour slightly. A bit of bronzer is key when your doing a dark eye, it rescues you from that goth feel that appears when the eye is done and nothing else.

Shu Uemera Beige Lipstick. This is a very matte lipstick so prep your lips with a lip balm before use. Also blot a little bit after so you don't look dead, Essex girls seem to be suffering from 'nude-liporexia' and go too far with it.

This is a very quick look, so if you have 5 minutes like I did and need to create something glam, this is effective...
step 1
Start with your hair dry, it doesnt matter if its a mess.
step 2
Spray LOADS of Dry Shampoo though your roots, I used the Batiste one, its really good and costs about a pound. And smells nice.
step 3
To get the flat curl, finger wave cheat; take a section of your hair and wiggle it through your straighteners in a zig zag shape, or any shape you want, and let the straighteners do the work. Repeat over your whole head. If you have a natural kink in your hair like Diana you can leave most of it and just do a few sections around your face. If your hair is poker straight you may need to get your mum to help you with the back.
step 4
Run some L'Oreal Professional Liss Control Creme over your hair to give it a shine and a bit of glam.