EXPERT PROFILE - Semi Permanent Slap

Fancy waking up with a perfect topliner already done, a Megan Fox eyebrow and perfectly lined lips… that would save me about 20 minutes a day!

Which is 140 minutes a week...

Which is 606 minutes a month...

Which is 7280 minutes a year... 
longer in bed.

We ask professional Beautician Heather Richardson and king make up artist (the traditional, one day stuff) Adam De Cruz about the pros and cons of semi permanent make up. 
 Heather, what exactly is it please, just a tattoo?
Semi- Permanent make up or micropigmentology lasts 1- 3 years. Minute particles of coloured pigment are mechanically placed a few millimeters below the skin's surface using a very fine needle. Micropigmentation can be compared to having a tattoo.

What can we have done?
Areas that can be treated are eyebrows, eyeliner enhancement, lip liner, full lip colour, beauty spots, cleft palet reconstruction and nipple reconstruction (for women that have had breast reductions and mastectomy's)

Will it just look like a tranny eyebrow? 
In the late 1980.s-90's when it first became popular it gained a bad reputation as being very exaggerated and gave obvious results- (thinks surprised look with eyebrows!) it often left a ginger colouring on the skin. It has since been redeveloped and is now being named 'the future of beauty' with more natural results. It is also amazing for alopecia suffers, chemo patients, can relax scar tissue so great for acne, stretch marks, burns etc.
How long’s it take? 

After an initial colour consultation, treatment should take 1 1/2 - 2 hours and is applied in a similar way to a tattoo, not as painful though.
How much is it? We’re not rich..
Costs vary dependant on treatment but range form £300- £600.
How long will it last?

It will fade over time, although some colour will remain to a greater or lesser degree and may never completely disappear. It can last approx. 2-4 years, but with regular touch-ups the effect lasts considerably longer.
What are the side effects?

Allergic reaction to permanent cosmetics is quite rare; a patch test may be carried out first. Swelling or redness should go after a day. Risks include needles being inserted too deeply (causing bleeding, spreading of pigments, or hair follicle damage) and technician error may lead to scarring. Proper hygiene and sterilisation is vital.
Does it hurt?
The short answer to that one is “yes.” Getting a tattoo is essentially getting punctured a lot of times with an ink-filled needle. A permanent makeup job will be essentially the same thing. A permanent makeup machine; a device used specifically for the application of permanent makeup will often be used; although it pretty much does the same thing a tattoo needle does: deposit pigment into deep layers of skin.
With permanent makeup though, it isn’t applied as deeply, and since it’s applied to the face, most plastic surgeons will apply topical or local anesthetic to whatever you want to put permanent makeup on.
So, what if I hate it? 

It is fairly obvious. It’s permanent. You’ll have it for the rest of your life. Or, since it’s really likely that the ink will fade over time, you’ll have it for at least a few years. This means that if you opted to have blue permanent eyeliner, you’re going to have to live with that particular permanent eyeliner color for a while, unless you’re willing to undergo costly and painful (usually more painful than the permanent makeup application process) tattoo removal to get rid of it.
Of course, this is probably the reason why people get permanent makeup in the first place, so it counts as a pro as well: the fact that it stays. It’s really a double-edged sword.

Adam, you’re a professional Make Up Artist, the conventional stuff, what do you think?

I hate semi permanent makeup and advise people against it with a passion. I maybe the wrong person to ask as I am strongly against it. I mean what the fuck happens if the get the eyebrow shape wrong?
You have to wait for the fucking thing to disappear if it does completely disappear at all.


OK! Thanks guys. What do you think? I think I’m gunna ask Heather for my eyebrows done!