Once Upon A Time In The Midlands

It's pretty obvious that underage wannabes and overage rich people in California go a little bit over the top with sucking it all out and filling it back in.... but we're more intrigued with the sleepy villages of little England's obsession with achieving a Jordan-esque figure at all costs (but not Jodie Marsh, although physically identical to Jordan, she's "gross" apparently, it would seem even when voting for Jordan these girls maybe aren't so superficial and are subconsciously choosing someone on their success and popularity)  
"more than half of these girls are already surgically enhanced"
From the 20 girls we spoke to in Daventry (in the Midlands) ranging from 16 to 40, it  appeared that more than half of these girls are already surgically enhanced OR they plan to be, once the funds are in place. 15 of them chose boobs as their main priority and when asked to rate celebrity females from 1 to 10, Jordan came out on top. 

Each have their story; their boyfriend dumped them and publically branded them flat chested, their parents saved a trust fund since birth for them to receive 5k on their 16th birthday, which was originally supposed  to be put towards a deposit on a flat or a car, however their daughter was so unhappy with her body they 'understoond' that it's money well spent for it to go on credible private surgery (rather than the girl from school who used a Bulgarian doctor and got infected 2 years down the line.)

Her surgeon fell in love with her (story) and fiddled £30,000 worth of surgery on the NHS
We spoke to one older candidate with dreadful stories of child abuse ,who's surgeon had fallen in love with her story and  fixed her £30,000 worth of surgery on the NHS. So is she happier? Are her abused wounds healed? Is the shy, depression-riddled 17yr old who hated her flat chest now living a confident fun-filled life that was so impossible before her new boobs? 

These girls certainly do seem happy, just living a life of fitting in with current trends much the same as 10 years ago where trends simply revolved around hair, make up and clothes. The only problem is now our role models have inflated boobs and tiny waists. Without any sort of subtlety that surrounded body surgery and blatantly flaunting it in the media. So maybe this craze will die down as these celebrities lose their sparkle, assuming the next big thing isn't even more superficially extreme.