LONDON FASHION WEAK! - some beauty tips to surive the week AND the parties...

So, London Fashion Week is only 4 days long this season, which makes 
it a bit like a festival (probably) so if your bothered about seeing /working/standing outside all the shows AND doing all the parties, your best to cram it all in a 
little bit like you're at Galsto.

In the past I have done 2/3 show teams a day and one to a lot of the parties every night

Here are my  10 tips on how to survive...

TIP NUMBER 1 - Have your outfits ready for the day AND the night, the night before. You will defo be drunk at all times and therefore not make good decisions on what to wear.

TIP NUMBER 2 -  Be prepared that you may not have time to go home to get ready before the evening. It's good to wear something that you can change a bit (ie:  something you can add a heel to and lose a layer from for the party)

TIP NUMBER 3 - Wear A LOT of make up, who cares about au naturel. People will think you are a total slag have made an effort for their show. And it means you can slip straight into party mode.

TIP NUMBER 4 - Try not to take much kit. Less baggaage is easier for everyone involved and, again, means you dont need to return home in between work and play. Also everyone will think you're a complete arse if u take a kit bag to a party (the only people who do that have only ever done that one show and gone to that one party)

TIP NUMBER 5 - Eat lots of Nurofens and Beroccas... ESSENTIAL

TIP NUMBER 6 - wear lots of perfume to cover up the smell of booze and fags at early morning shows... not very profesh
TIP NUMBER 8 - Go for a messy disheveled hair look on days 1 and 2, so that you don't have to explain yourself on days 3 and 4.

TIP NUMBER 9 - Don't take Fashion Week too seriously!!!

TIP NUMBER 10 - Don't be a cock