Harrowing Hair Colours.....

Continuing from the crazy colour and roots news of the last few days (sorry its my fave subject). I have a few notes for some of this weeks colour changes:

Dear Drew, you are one of my most fave actresses and you look like you are a really fun, nice girl. You go out with really fit boys and break their hearts which means that you are a sexy cool girl like your chosen roles suggest.
When someone told me you had the ends of your hair dip died black I was so excited to see the results. However, who the fuck has done it and I hope you didn't pay them! This should have been sooooo good.. upside down smiley faces all round :(
Please pop to Shoreditch and visit Heartbreak Hair Salon and lets make it look like it should..

On a more positive colour note (sorry Drew..)

Dear Aggy, you're new do is brilliant, you look like a new, cooler, sexier member of The Horrors (in a good way) WOOWIE, we weren't sure before with that blonde 'growy-out phase', but this is proof to anyone that perseverance is the key when growing out a bleached pixie crop. There really is no shortcuts (Sorry Pixie) And it pays off in the end!