Expert Profile - Mel Arter

Mel Arter (Fire Starter) is a 33 year old make up artist babe. She lives in Queens Park but is from Watford (not Essex) and has always lived in London. She started on her own at 22 after completing a short 8 week course and has never assisted anyone at all. She was a natural and avoided all the crap that most people have to go through in the beginning, which is extremely rare. Mel got her first job working for a Scottish newspaper - the feature was a Vivienne Westwood special - Mel still remembers that she went for a smokey eye and a red lip (sexy)!  She has transformed celebrities such as Kate Blanchett, Amy Winehouse, Kate Winslett, Sienna Miller, Naomi Campbell, Wayne Rooney(LOL), John Tierry, Ashley Cole and Victoria Beckham.

Tell us your top 5 products-
-Estee Lauder sheer tint release
-Mister Light Concealer by Givency
-Laura Mercier Camouflage
-Max Factor Calorie 200 Mascara
-All eye shadows by Dior, amazing pigments!

Define Beauty
-Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream
-Julie Christie
-Vanessa Paradis
oh and Sean Penn is the most beautiful man.

I can’t bear vanity, or anything fake at all; tits, tan, lips. Lashes are ok. I love wrinkles, a real lived in face. I love the character in grease, the boy with the potholed skin, also Willam Dufoe.

If you could change anything on your face what would it be?
I’d get blow job lips!

How long do you spend on your own make up?
Half an hour most days

What is your one product that you can’t do without?
Estee Lauder sheer tint release
“A tired face is a pretty face”

As a make up artist, how would you describe your work?
I like to be theatrical but in an understated way, subtle but strong. Personally I like a tired and warn face. At The end of a shoot when all the make up has worn off the model and her eyes are tired and natural, that's when you can see her real beauty. A tired face is a pretty face!

Who do you think gets it wrong?

Jennifer Aniston, she’s so preened and contrived all the time. When she’s papped on the beach and looking natural she looks amazing.

What do you think about guys wearing make up?
I hate men wearing make up, if they HAVE to then it has to be applied by themselves. There has only been two men who have carried off make up well, David Bowie and Adam Ant!

What made you want to be a make up artist?
I used to be fascinated by my mum when I was little, I would sit and watch her for hours getting ready and putting on her make up, I really liked how it completely transformed her into a different person.

If you weren’t a make up artist what would you be?

A medic in a warzone!

Is there any aspect of your job that you don’t like?
Yes, the fashion industry is full of politics and nepotism. If I was to start a fashion magazine, I would call it that.

What do you work on?
I work on loads of fashion magazine editorials predominantly with models and I make money from advertising, music videos and press junkets.

What is Mel's motto for life?
If it aint fun no more, don’t do it!