Expert Profile - Andrew Gallimore

Andrew Gallimore is a 31 year old make up artist living in London. He started out as a painter studying fine art at Manchester University where he discovered his talent for transforming faces after hitting a stump in his first year. Some of his friends had been putting on arty farty club nights in Manchester, regularly screening videos, art exhibitions and fashion shows, Andrew wanted to get involved but the only job left was hair and makeup for the shows. He took his new role very seriously buying  new materials, a kit consisting of black, red and white clown make up and his paint brushes. Faces then became the subject for the remainder of his degree often using make up, burns masks, dentistry and face corsets. After moving to London Andrew assisted Sharon Dowsett for four years and has gone on to become an established artist in his own right, with way more that three colours in his kit and shooting for magazine like Vogue, Harpers, 10 and Numero.

Andrew, what was your first job? It was a shoot for Bouddica inspired by a peace protest and he created hand prints over peoples mouths as if they were being silenced.

Your worst job?
Jobs are just bad when they don't go to plan. On one job when I was just starting out, I was painting bodies in block primary colours and the products did something different to what they
had done on the test.

"I am a perfectionist but messy on purpose, so I think that makes me a messy perfectionist."

What are your top 5 products in your kit?
- Paw Paw Ointment
- Chanel Cils a cils Mascara
- Chanel Blanc Universal Base (Japanese)
- Mac Face and Body
- Mac Pigment

What are the top 5 products personally?
- Paw Paw Ointment
- Kiehl's Facial Fuel
- Chanel Sublim
age Cream
- Water
- Electric toothbru
Name someone that is the epitome of beauty..
There's too many!

As an artist how do you define your style?
I like to combine beau
ty with creativity and if the make up isn't just for natural enhancement purposes, I will always do something that I feel is interesting and "outside of the box". I am a perfectionist but messy on purpose, so I think that makes me a messy perfectionist.

"People aren't just customising their necklines, they're customising their faces too."

How do you think beauty is evolving,?
Make up is changing, girls are going further with their make up looks, I think this is filtering through from diverse celebrities such as Be
th Ditto and Bat For Lashes; girls are going as far as sticking stickers on their faces when just walking down the street. People aren't stopping at simply customising their necklines anymore, they're customising their faces too.

What do you think about boys wearing make up?
I think its absolutely brilliant and in recent years its lost its taboo because of role models like The Horrors and Pete Doherty. It's still minimal, a bit of eyeliner but even that would have been something only seen on punks or freaks in the past. A couple of years ago, outside the Garage in Islington, I saw a bunch of lad skinheads sitting outside on a wall reapplying their eyeliner more that the girls! The market is feeding this obsession too, a lot of brands have men's lines, such as Gautier . I think this makes guys feel more comfortable wearing make up, when it says 'for men' it doesn't make them feel like a pooff!
In London at the moment it seems the girls are becoming more understated and grungy and the guys are like peacocks on parade and they're
really going for it!

Give us a film, an album and an artist that inspires you...
- Pink Flamingo by John Waters
- Music for Men by the Gossip
- Beth Ditto

What would you do if you weren't a make up artist?

I used to want to be an ice cream man, with my own ice cream van or a forensic scientist, I watched a lot of Crime Suspect.

I there any aspect of the job that you don't like?
Packing up at the end of a shoot when everything's a big mess.

Do you have a moto for life?
If you like it, do it, if you don't like it, do it anyway you might like it.