Beautyspotting - Silver Shampoos UPDATED

So your hair is bleached to shit and still that lovely brassy yellow colour that creeps through no matter how white your salon manages to get it. Try one of these silver shampoos to get it back.

From left to right:
Phyto PhytArgent
Shampoo by Phytology - (Expect a more pink tone to a bleach)
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo - (Expect a mo
re lilac tone to a bleach)
Matrix Essentials So Silver Shampoo -
(Again, expect a more lilac tone to a bleach)
L'oreal Profesional Silver Shampoo -
(Expect a more blue tone to a bleach)
Our Fave


DIY Silver Shampoo (this is what we do)... Get some granny blue rinse and water it down into a pump spray bottle, this way you can spray as much as you like into your brassy patches and dilute to your desired shade/depth, the Roux Fanciful Colour rinse is a good one. 

ROUX FANCIFUL COLOUR HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED!! our new Silver Hair Blonderexic Obssession Award goes to...